Retirement Coaching

When the subject of retirement comes up, many people may take a view that is narrow and short-sighted when compared to the options available. They may plan for their financial futures but not necessarily for their personal, work, leisure or spiritual futures. Only by exploring all the options — in the context of personal circumstances, dreams and needs — can individuals begin to develop comprehensive retirement plans that bring the fulfillment they aspire to achieve.

Retirement today doesn’t necessarily mean stopping work. For many it actually becomes a time of major renewal — a time to purposefully refocus and rebalance one’s lifestyle. Williams, Robert Young does not assume any particular type of retirement lifestyle. Instead, the New Horizons program is used to serve participants by helping them identify and plan for new ways of living that speak to individual passions and aspirations.

The New Horizons program helps participants — at any point in their life path — create a self-portrait that includes their personal needs. Using this self-portrait, a WRY Certified Life Options Retirement Coach guides participants down an educational pathway, encouraging them to cast aside old, limiting assumptions and become fully invested in the design of a new and rewarding lifestyle.

The New Horizons program is based on core materials developed by Richard P. Johnson, Ph. D., a nationally recognized speaker, lecturer and expert in the field of retirement and adult development.  Instructional materials are available in print and online and include corresponding exercises that help participants face realities and recognize hidden opportunities. 

Designed to empower individuals to be the best that they can be in their mature years, the New Horizons program begins with an assessment instrument that covers twenty separate lifestyle and attitudinal factors. The assessment provides a clear, well-ordered and scaled overview of how each participant compares to others in similar life circumstances with respect to their personal growth toward retirement.  In-depth program materials then guide participants through these key areas of focus:

  • Career and Work
  • Health and Wellness
  • Finances and Insurance
  • Family and Relationships
  • Leisure and Social
  • Personal Development
  • Legal and Legacy

WRY consultants complement the in-depth exploration experience with powerful questions that help participants move ahead — using accurate, calibrated personal data to make the best decisions and achieve the greatest possible fulfillment. 





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