Executive Coaching

Career coaching is the most effective development tool available to individuals today, expanding opportunities while setting the stage for performance growth. Our process combines assessment, feedback and coaching to guide executives in improving their leadership effectiveness and their businesses' bottom line results. Our innovative executive coaching programs, tailored to individual and organizational needs, are appropriate for all top performers — executives, middle managers and other key team members.

Career Transition and Outplacement

Providing career transition services to separating employees is not only the responsible thing to do, it makes sound business sense. The quality of your outplacement service provider affects how your separated employees, your remaining staff and your community view your company. A positive outplacement experience pays off in a multitude of ways.  


WRY provides a broad array of assessment services and instruments that are selected and customized based on specific needs and operational requirements. Assessments address pre-hire, developmental, change readiness, 360 degree feedback, emotional intelligence and leadership style needs.

Executive Search

After a thorough review of your company’s needs, employment criteria and corporate philosophy, WRY will identify, screen, assess and recommend the best possible candidates. We can train your managers to make the most of applicant interviews. Whatever your talent acquisition needs, WRY experts can create a customized strategy for you. We can ensure that these strategies deliver measurable results to meet your goals. 

Leadership and Organizational Development

Most companies today would acknowledge that their employees are their most important assets. Your success or failure hinges on the quality and duration of the relationships you form with your people. WRY takes a comprehensive approach to leadership development through the career cycle, including attracting, retaining, developing and transitioning your company’s most important asset. Our unique programs help align individual and organizational goals.

Retirement Coaching

Individuals plan for their financial future but not necessarily for their personal, work, leisure or even spiritual future in retirement. Yet, pre-retirees today say they want fulfillment and meaning in their later years. To get there, they need encouragement, insight and an action plan from a trained retirement coach. WRY has certified coaches that can assist with this plan including philanthropic, entrepreneurial and part-time employment options.





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