Executive Coaching

Career coaching is the most effective development tool available to individuals today, expanding opportunities while setting the stage for performance growth. Our process combines assessment, feedback and coaching to guide executives in improving their leadership effectiveness and their businesses' bottom line results. Our innovative executive coaching programs, tailored to individual and organizational needs, are appropriate for all top performers — executives, middle managers and other key team members.

Coaching is a highly individualized process, custom-tailored to the individual with a blend of observation, assessment, consulting, learning opportunities and feedback. During an initial interview, WRY identifies what type of coaching is needed — new leader, integration or intervention, for example.  Background issues and desired outcomes are defined.  With this information, WRY will design the process and proposal.   

Each coaching program is customized to achieve organizational and individual goals. A veteran executive coach will meet with the executive, his manager and peers. The coach administers assessment tools, shadows the leader and develops an action plan.  A regular, agreed-upon schedule is then set to measure progress against development plans, identify critical leadership events, role-play scenarios and practice success. 

Through this process, WRY develops leaders who are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and who are better able to build relationships, effect change, manage stress and hone their skills to benefit the company. Our programs strive to engage each leader’s intellect, emotions, beliefs and business perspectives, ultimately leveraging their personal development and growth to drive measurable results. 

WRY can also offer team coaching and team building programs for organizations that want to improve their group performance. These programs combine assessment, group and individual coaching and feedback to guide executive teams and managers to improve effectiveness and business performance.





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