The Difference

At Williams, Roberts Young, our mission is to provide the very best in customized, responsive and caring services to our corporate customers and individual clients.  Whether company or candidate, we know you have your choice of provider.  Before you make your decision, please consider the unique distinctions that WRY brings to the career transition process.

One.  Privacy — In Counseling and Coaching

We believe in the power and importance of one-on-one counseling.  While most outplacement firms have adopted group delivery models, our success is directly related to the quality of your one-on-one interaction with your WRY Career Counselor.

Two.  Choice — Your Choice of Counselor

While we assign you to a Career Counselor who we believe is the most compatible with your needs, you are free to change counselors if you feel more comfortable with someone else.  We understand the importance of good “chemistry” in the outplacement process.  In addition, you will interact with a number of our career professionals who all take an active interest in your success.

Three.  Flexibility — Individual Path, Individual Needs

Sometimes we feel a bit like Gumby, but it is no joke that we bend over backwards to accommodate your individual needs.  We are not bound by the procedures and protocols of the national chains; we do whatever we can to customize your program around the real world and your needs.  This can mean putting your program on hold while you take a consulting assignment, working with you from a remote location, meeting off-campus or working with you online. 

Four.  Locations — Regional Immersion, Global Reach

Through our worldwide business system, Career Partners International (CPI), we have offices in almost every major city in the world.  You have access to any of them – for your entire program or simply to use as a local resource.  National chains generally limit clients to their company stores in a minimal number of locations. We offer seamless access to WRY quality outplacement worldwide and the absolute best service delivered by the region’s most qualified provider.  Rest assured that all of our CPI associates are bound by high quality standards and a commitment to your satisfaction.

Five.  Tracking — We Measure Outcomes

We judge success by how close you come to what you want from your career transition, not by how fast you get your next job. Rest assured, our “job search time” consistently beats the national average, and our clients make as much on average or more than they did in their previous positions.  What really counts is how close you come to the job you define with your Career Counselor. For some people a leisurely pace is appropriate; another person may be willing to trade some salary for a shot at another career. Someone else might need a new job immediately to pay the bills.  We can work with you no matter what your needs.  Our results speak for themselves.

Six.  Ownership — We are Owners, not Branch Managers

WRY and any CPI firm in our worldwide system is run by owners, not branch managers, like the national chains. As owners, we have a deep and vested interest in both our business and our community. For us, this is not just a job assignment while we are waiting for our next career move.

Seven.  Experience — Senior, Business Oriented Counselors

The difference between theory and practical application in outplacement is huge. The outplacement world is loaded with therapists, academics, trainers, HR staffers, ex-clergy and social workers. Our Career Counselors bring something more than just credentials. We are unique in our insistence on real world experience from all of our professional staff. We have all run, owned, managed or produced in the real world of work. With WRY you not only get great training and counseling, you also benefit from our expertise in dealing with a real world that doesn’t always play by the rule book.

Eight.  More — Not Just Transition Services

Unlike firms that only know career transition and outplacement services, WRY understands what it takes to get hired and be successful in your career. This is because we also offer services in Assessment, Executive Search, Executive Coaching, Leadership and Organizational Development and Retirement Coaching, all of which are available as resources for use in your career transition.  We don’t stop there.  Our holistic approach ensures a comprehensive dedication to working with the individual. From career coaching to financial and family counseling support, our services clearly stand above the rest.





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