Executive Search

After a thorough review of your company’s needs, employment criteria and corporate philosophy, WRY will identify, screen, assess and recommend the best possible candidates. We can train your managers to make the most of applicant interviews. Whatever your talent acquisition needs, WRY experts can create a customized strategy for you. We can ensure that these strategies deliver measurable results to meet your goals. 

Our approach is based on a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the position that needs to be filled.  An outline of the position is then submitted for your input, comments and approval. As appropriate, WRY will interview your executive staff to obtain their input and recommendations surrounding a particular assignment. 

We search for the best in technical competence and expertise.  We also consider adaptability issues when a relocation is involved and to “fit” issues based on the host team personality and approach to the day to day work and environment. 

In today’s business environment, the talent, competence and commitment of your staff are critical components for success. We understand this challenge well and are dedicated to searching for and identifying the “best of class” in all your searches.





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