John Paul Tier

As a child, John Paul possessed inquisitiveness for just about anything, which often led to being called Dennis the Menace. He once pulled his mother’s Kirby vacuum cleaner completely apart just to see what made it work. The need to know how things are constructed and how they function has led to his passion to provide remarkable solutions to everyday problems for individuals and groups, alike.

As a fairly new resident of the Triad area, John Paul relocated from Orlando, Florida where he worked in the entertainment industry as an actor, director and vocal coach before transitioning to the world of design where he created residential and model home interiors. His goal to design commercial interiors brought him to North Carolina, where at High Point University he completed an interior design degree. Having enjoyed an enriching career in entertainment that spans over twenty years, John Paul’s work on cruise ships, in theme parks, on television, in recording studios and in theatres around the world has provided first-hand experience in knowing what it takes to survive the job industry. Coupled with his creative attention to detail, John Paul’s enthusiastic approach as a dedicated problem solver serves as an infectious outlook for those seeking answers.

Traces of Dennis the Menace still exist as he takes pleasure in being a photographer, enjoys gardening, and benefits from traveling the world to dissect architecture and experience diverse cultures. Despite his mother’s adverse reaction to a dissected vacuum cleaner, John Paul is thankful to have learned you can’t kill a Kirby.

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